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Road and Soundcrew Bio

GRUMPY OLD MEN Hardworking Roadcrew Photos

Kevin Williams

Kevin creates the incredible sound and light extravaganzas that Grumpy Old Men is so well known for. No one knows how he achieves such consistently amazing results, least of all Kevin. One thing is certain, though… he can roll a cable.

Before his appointment as Grumpy Old Cable Roller, Kevin coached up-and-coming tennis stars. There’s a lot of love for Kev on the courts, which in tennis, means zip. We don’t know if he’s ever scored.

At the pointy end of the evening, Kevin will sashay up to the side of the stage in his zimmer-frame, before launching himself into some raw blues harp and gutsy vocals.

We value Kevin’s ability to laugh at himself and encourage all at the venue to join along.

Stewart Williams

Stewart can often be seen hauling his lanky frame across the scaffolding, rigging tonnes of expensive stage lighting.

Just as often, he’ll clamber down awkwardly but frighteningly quickly. Retrieving the fragile something he dropped like a brick seconds previously, Stewart will casually chug-a-lug a few beers before scrambling back up again. The process generally repeats ad nauseum.

Joining Grumpy Old Men’s road crew at the tender age of 7, Stewart was always turning heads with his mature use of expletives.

Now in Year 10 of his anger management course, Stewart finds novel ways to channel his darker emotions by aggressively riding the ‘nuke ’em button’ on the fog machine.