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Meet the Band

Ray Leon
Ray Leon is the band’s Lead Singer. Ray joined Grumpy Old Men in August 2019 out of sheer financial desperation, believing that putting his house up as collateral would earn him the approval of our board. This proved to be a successful strategy.
A talented vocalist with a vast repertoire of moves, Ray brings entertainment value to an otherwise unspectacular line-up.
Off-stage, Ray leads a devoutly monastic existence, grinding his teeth and at other times, tinkering with petrol-powered leaf blowers. Ray is a self-confessed holistic health nut and enjoys nothing better than getting stuck into a pizza-with-the-lot.
Ray’s addition has brought many classics to the band’s repertoire. Never before has the band been so keen on rehearsing. And now is no exception.
Peter Plonker
Peter Plonker is one of the band’s flotilla of government-funded guitarists. His solos are mind-numbing streams of unconsciousness that peak when someone unplugs his amp.
Best known for once changing his guitar strings, Peter’s penchant for buying 2nd-hand is the stuff of legend. He regularly boasts about scoring the mother all bargains to disinterested fellow band members. Invariably, his purchases work only the once.
Peter was a founding member of furry folk-rock band Frozen Ambition, who literally broke up at their first gig in Antarctica. Peter subsequently joined the “Lost Boys” who have not been seen since.
David Young
David Young is a founding member of Grumpy Old Men and the band’s Rhythm Guitarist. David handles acoustic, as well as electric guitars, and happily plays bass guitar role as needed.
He closely monitors eBay, hoping to bid large on any available electric guitar with 4 necks or more. David takes care of gig preparations, marketing, and managing the website and mailing lists.
Reluctantly admitting to being better looking, David insists he is at least as talented as the other guys in the band. He lives by the motto: “You can never have enough guitars.” Another favourite saying of David’s is, “I love the smell of warm Fender Twin valves in the evening.”
Number of ex-wives = 2.
Dave Cherry
Dave Cherry is another of the many guitarists in Grumpy Old Men and a performing musician of more than 25 years. 26-year-old Dave is one of the founding members of the band.
Despite being an extremely competent guitar player and vocalist, Dave elected to play Bass for the band for years, simply because the equipment is bigger and heavier.
He has tremendous “feel” for music as well as for fluffy kittens. Dave is also a dynamo when it comes to marketing the band and arranging gigs.
Currently in training for the 2036 Gold Coast Iron Man Championship, Dave is addicted to golf. Perhaps more accurately, he never uses one golf swing where 7 or 8 would suffice.
Number of ex wives =1.
Mark Elley
Mark Elley is the youngest-looking of the band members thanks to the wonders of cosmetic surgery.
Mark is from New Zealand originally and has a fascinating farming background.
He is surprisingly competent on bass and left behind a lucrative but pastoral recording career to join GRUMPY OLD MEN and acquire the free t-shirt.
Mark’s interests include sheep, sheep breeding, sheep products, the history and mythology of sheep, and all facets of sheep husbandry.
Although to be fair, he is a little sheepish about it. Evidently being here in Australia, Mark is on the lamb once again.
Number of ex wives = UNKNOWN as his file was marked CLASSIFIED when he was interviewed.
Bill Allan
Bill Allan has more than 40 years’ experience with the kit and conga drums—some of it playing them in bands, from Tassie to Queensland.
Often mistaken for Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac fame, Bill takes full advantage, signing autographs and strutting around flashing a $10 note or five $2 coins.
Such is his dedication to life on the road, Bill and his family recently moved to the Sunshine Coast simply to prove the earth is flat and leave a massive carbon footprint.
He enjoys nothing more than pounding his tom tom, breaking drumsticks and singing backing vocals, save perhaps riding off into the sunset on his 18,000 CC motorbike.
Number of ex-wives: 1.
Favourite reading – Power Dressing for Drummers