Grumpy Old Men Official Website | Former Members
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Former Members

Jeff Kay
Jeff Kay – Unfortunately Grumpy Old Men lost our bass player Mr Jeff Kay in 2018 to cancer. Jeff was an integral part of the band and even though he is gone, his spirit and enthusiasm for music will always be with us. We’re sure he’d be smiling to read that he was the one guy who forced us to rehearse and to try to play things musically correctly. RIP Jeff, we all miss you.
Lloyd Sanderson
Lloyd Sanderson – Former Vocalist, now currently working as as a Tweeter and political adviser for Donald Trump. Star of several movies, including Mad Max 4 (Beyond The Yatala Pie Shop) and also Not As Fast And Furious 1, Lloyd also claims the charges for matters we’re not legally allowed to talk about have never never proven.
Alan James
Alan James – former Lead Guitarist. Revered for his cable rolling abilities, Alan got us banned from playing at Aged Care venues after accidentally setting fire to a sofa with a large beverage. His capacity for heavy liquor is registered with many institutions and on several occasions, he’s been observed bumping out his stage equipment single-handedly while emptying a full bottle of white spirits with the other.
Dave Harrison / Roy Smith
Both these guys had their contracts cancelled with Grumpy Old Men due to excessive drinking and onstage nudity… a picture tells a thousand stories.
Steve Gibbons
Steve Gibbons was the second Lead Singer for Grumpy Old Men. He was snapped up by a leading modelling agency and we believe he is sunning himself somewhere in the Bahamas at the moment.
Warren Lucas
Grumpy Old Men’s original drummer. Contract terminated due to an ongoing series of bar fights and for staying in tempo during an entire song. His shirt, or what’s left of it, poetically tells of a life gone off rails.
Wayne Meredith
A guest lead singer for Grumpy Old Men. Contract terminated due to not been able to wear pants as tight as Robert Plant from Led Zepplin and also excessive alcohol. He is currently in rehab with Ben Cousins.
Maris was our first Lead Singer. Contract terminated after he claimed to have signed the band to Glenn Wheatley band management in the week following Mr Wheatley being sent to jail.
Michael Pope
Michael Pope occasionally makes himself available to guest star on keyboard and bass. A contract has never been discussed because The Pope’s talents add yet another level of embarrassment to inferiority issues already afflicting the other band members.
Russell Smith
Original bass player with Grumpy Old Men. Contract terminated due to excessive and often highly flammable flatulence.
Scotty Hall
Scott was a guest drummer for Grumpy Old Men. Contract terminated due to being under the age profile for the band.
Neil Allen
Neil ‘The Doc’ Allen was Grumpy Old Men’s first Lead Guitarist. Contract terminated due to a growing addiction to Rolling Stones songs and beer.
Thommy Wassman
Thommy was Grumpy Old Men’s 3rd Lead Guitarist. Contract terminated after he politely suggested the band rehearse.
Laurie Thompson
Laurie Thompson makes occasional guest appearances with Grumpy Old Men. His original contract was terminated due to incidents involving non-consenting ferrets. Further bad habits can be seen in this picture. He is now elsewhere, making a lot more money.
Ron Martin
Ron Martin was a stand-out in a long line of drummers who’ve played for Grumpy Old Men. He was a terrific guy and a keen golfer who even managed a hole in one. Reports filtered through that Ron had been seen on the Gold Coast wearing chaps and spur, after suffering country music inclinations. He was an excellent vocalist, whose harmonies were worthy of more ambitious musical endeavours. Sadly, he passed away after a battle with Cancer. Ron, we miss you.
Tony Downs
Tony Downs was Lead Vocalist with the band for a great many gigs. But then he moved to Hervey Bay where he is able to indulge his keen interest in whale migration and his passion for riding his hog full-throttle on the open road. Also his mum needs him.